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' r <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 81 -72 <br /> A RESOLUTION EXPRESSING INTENT OF THE: VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE TO PARTICIPATE <br /> IN THE NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM <br /> WHEREAS, certain areas of the Village of Elk Grove Village are subject to <br /> sporadic flooding causing serious damage to properties within the Village, and <br /> WHEREAS, relief 'is available in the form of flood insurance as authorized <br /> by the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 as amended, and <br /> WHEREAS, it is the intent of the; President and Board of Trustees of the <br /> Village of Elk Grove Village to comply with land use and management criteria <br /> regulations as required in said act, and <br /> WHEREAS, it is also the intent of the Village of Elk Grove Village to <br /> recognize and duly evaluate flood and/or mudslide hazards in all official <br /> actions relating to land use, and <br /> WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Village has pursuant to the Statutes of <br /> the State of Illinois adopted certain Land Use and Flood Plain regulations, <br /> NOW, THEREFORE , BE IT RESOLVED that the President and Board of Trustees <br /> of the Village of Elk Grove Village does hereby: <br /> (1 ) Designate the Village Manager of the Village of Elk Grove Village, to <br /> be responsible for the administration, management and supervision of all land <br /> planning and development activities in order to implement the intent and purpose <br /> of this resolution, including but not limited to the following: <br /> (a) Delineate or assist the Administrator of the Federal Insurance <br /> Administration at his request, in delineating the limits of the areas having <br /> special flood and/or mudslide hazards on available local maps of sufficient <br /> scale to identify the location of building sites. <br /> (b) Provide such information as the Federal Insurance Administrator may <br /> request concerning present uses and occupancy of the flood plain and/or mudslide <br /> area. <br /> (c) Maintain for public inspection and furnishing upon request, with <br /> respect to each area having special flood hazards, information on elevations <br /> (in relation to mean sea level) of the lowest floors of all new or substantially <br /> improved structures; and <br /> (d) Cooperate with Federal , State, and local agencies and private firms <br /> which undertake to study, survey, map and identify flood plain or mudslide areas, <br /> and cooperate with neighboring communities with respect to management of adjoining <br /> flood plain and/or mudslide areas in order to prevent aggravation of existing <br /> hazards. <br /> - 1 - <br />