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E --r 85-72 <br /> . .�OL?Tii�T; i.0. <br /> R .S01,U`i`I0. 01-' ai'i,-IDVAL Oil' PI 4`?` OI'' C:tiT31:IV`IS.TCT; TfJ?l `1..J IED lig N{GG I NS <br /> INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT NO. 100 <br /> : ✓'_t_3 7 j _';:,,=`.OL�:r';D 1.)y !•1")t 'Ce "i-C. n 1iG2.rt1. Gf 1rl1StC('fi Gf tI e <br /> i . <br /> S! 1 :1, 0i _ _� t 'U•r t: .-.L.i;:��:., (,U11?,is ....> O ��i,'��•, c'.11Q �Jllr, iC', State, Of Illiia O.i.S : <br /> Sect-ic 1. 1"ilat a-,-..F>ru�..l_ lic:re y ,:i.,cr� the i'_-1, int of subdivisionF <br /> idcnt f_`ed as Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 100 <br /> boron, a subdivision .in �7 , Township 41 <br /> .o_ti_ _��.�-��.e 11 ,<�st ci' �;l�.e `i'i�i.r.d Pr'9-nciT:�' l 1ler:idirlaz :i_?z Gook 1 <br /> Cou-1.,-, LS, n. copy of which i.5 att.ached hereto eYnq 1;a6e a <br /> part hereof ar if fully f of-16K. <br /> Section 2. Thz.t the VillnC;e )?.ces.iden.t and VillaC e Clerk are hereby <br /> authorized to sign said for and in the name of the Vi].la ;c <br /> and attach t,hercto the corpor::ce so-al. <br /> Section 3. That this resoluta-on shall be J.n full force and effect from <br /> i <br /> and a 'tcr its passage and ar- rGval according to lata. <br /> FAS�;:.D this 24th _day c,1 October 1972, <br /> APT_'R0VED this 24th &=Y of October , 197 2• <br /> President <br /> Attc--t: <br />