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�J <br /> RESOLUTI01, I:O. 91-72 <br /> RESO7 UTICP: <br /> OF OF PLAT Ci Stjl,DXVTSIO ' IDLI�1IFTIM AS H I GG I NS <br /> INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT NO. 99 <br /> BE I`l' l:ESOINED by the President and. Board of Trustees of the � <br /> . i <br /> Village of Elk Grove Vi1la1;e, Counties of Cool: and DuPa3e, State of :Illinois: <br /> Section 1. That approval is hereby given the final plat of subdivision I <br /> identified as Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 99 <br /> being a. subdivision in Section(s) �7 To;m sh:;n 41 <br /> north, Range 11, East of t:i c Third I'rincij-:al. : n <br /> County, Illinois, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a <br /> pert hereof as if fully sot forth. <br /> Section 2. That the Villa„e F2esident and Village Clerk are hereby <br /> authorized to sign said plat for and in the name of the Village <br /> and attach thereto the corporate: seal. <br /> Section 3. That this resolut .cGn ; hall be in full fo..-ccand effect .from <br /> and after its passage and approval according to law. <br /> PASSED this 24th day of October � 1.97 Z <br /> • APPROVTD this 24th day of October 5 197 2 <br /> /ITresident <br /> Attest: <br /> q'i.1i.-age Clcr:. <br />