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RESOI,UT ICI' I;C . 102-72 <br />RESOLUTIO d OF APPROVAh OI' PIAT Or' U?',DI;TLS i0 : IDE!=FI1T1,'D AS OAKTON <br />INDUSTRIA! PARK UNIT NO. I <br />ET9111, TI%'Ph'1,' E5 BF, IT -_SOLVED by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Ell: Grove Village, Counties of Cook and IhiPage, State of Illinois: <br />Section 1. That approval is hereby given the final plat of subdivision <br />identified as Oakton Industrial Park Unit No. 1 <br />being; a subdivision in Section(s) 27 , Toanship 41 <br />l,;orth, Ra.n6e 11, Last of the Third Principal I'cridian in Cook <br />County, Illinc_i.s, a copy of vh:i_ch is attached hereto and made a <br />part hereof a.;i :if fully set forth. <br />Section 2. Th=at the c iresident and Villa[;e Clcrk are hereby <br />autt_orizcd to ;n said plat for and in the name of the Village <br />and attach 07- rcto t1he corporate seal. <br />Sect-J.on 3. That tl :iti :.:::;t1. cion sl all be in full .force and effect from <br />and <br />cn-1 <br />c.ppx•ova.l according to law. <br />tl-its <br />]..y5S..7 t.f <br />2t <br />day <br />oDecember <br />, 1972• <br />APPIZOVl?D thi. 12th d,^y of December , 1972. <br />r <br />l-resider - "� <br />Attest: <br />