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RESOLUTION NO. 51-09 <br />A RESOLUTION DESIGNATING "ALTERNATIVE 203" AS THE LOCALLY <br />PREFERRED SELECTION FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE ELGIN O'HARE - <br />WEST BYPASS WITH CORRESPONDING NORTH AND SOUTH CONNECTIONS <br />WHEREAS, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) studied multiple options <br />to facilitate the movement of traffic through the heavily congested area west of O'Hare Airport; <br />and, <br />WHEREAS, Elk Grove Village is home to 3,800 businesses employing over 100,000 <br />people within the area under study by IDOT; and, <br />WHEREAS, Elk Grove Village holds a significant investment in terms of businesses, <br />jobs, property tax base, sales tax base, roadways, water mains, sewer infrastructure, and public <br />safety activities within the study area; and, <br />WHEREAS, Elk Grove Village has actively participated and is fully involved in <br />meetings with IDOT and transportation consultants concerning alternatives to facilitate the flow <br />of traffic; . <br />WHEREAS, the regional community provided over 40,000 comments to the Illinois <br />Department of Transportation supporting Alternative 203, with Option D for the northern <br />connection, as the locally preferred alternative at the Illinois Department of Transportation's <br />public meeting that took place in March of 2009; and <br />WHEREAS, Elk Grove Village has determined that one alternative is strongly preferred <br />locally and that preference is to be conveyed to the State of Illinois Department of Transportation <br />and United States Department of Transportation; <br />NOW; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, Illinois: <br />Section 1: Locally Preferred Alternative: That Elk Grove Village hereby designates <br />the "ALTERNATIVE 203" PROPOSAL as its locally preferred alternative which extends the <br />Elgin -O'Hare Expressway from I-290 east to O'Hare Airport, and places the planned north <br />connection of the West Bypass on the 300 -foot corridor east of Elmhurst Road on existing <br />O'Hare Airport property. This plan is preferred as it provides the following benefits: <br />• Preserves the existing Elmhurst Road corridor; <br />• Provides the most economic benefits to the community and the region; <br />• Preserves Elk Grove businesses and associated jobs; <br />• Maintains the existing tax base that benefits Schools, Parks, and Library; <br />• Provides for the long desired full interchange at Elmhurst Road and I-90; <br />