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RESOLUTION NO. 63-09 <br /> A RESOLUTION AMENDING RESOLUTION NO. 80-84 AND RESOLUTION NO. 53-86 <br /> AND APPROVING AND AUTHORIZING REVISED RULES AND REGULATIONS UNDER <br /> THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT <br /> WHEREAS, it is the policy of the Village of Elk Grove Village that all persons are entitled <br /> to full and complete information regarding the affairs of the Village of Elk Grove Village and the <br /> official acts and policies of Village officials and public employees, consistent with applicable <br /> provisions of law; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Village recognizes that access to information is <br /> necessary and desirable to enable citizens to fulfill their obligations in discussing public issues <br /> fully and freely and making informed judgments; and <br /> WHEREAS, Public Act 96-0542 which amends the Freedom of Information Act becomes <br /> effective on January 1, 2010; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Board of Trustees of the Village <br /> of Elk Grove Village, Cook and DuPage Counties, Illinois as follows: <br /> Section 1: That the purpose of this Resolution is to fully comply with the provisions of <br /> the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, Public Act 96-0542. <br /> Section 2: The definitions contained in said Illinois Freedom of Information Act are <br /> hereby adopted for the purpose of this Resolution. <br /> i <br /> Section 3: There is hereby established revised "Rules and Regulations" in accordance <br /> with the Freedom of Information Act, a copy of which are attached hereto and by this reference <br /> i <br /> incorporated herein. <br /> i <br /> 1 <br /> I <br /> i <br /> I <br />