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Elk Grove Village Fire Dept. Foreign Fire <br /> Tax Board <br /> October 23, 1996 Meeting Minutes <br /> 1) Meeting of the EGVFD Foreign Fire Tax Board started @ 7:OOpm at the <br /> fire administration building, with 9 members present. <br /> Present Absent <br /> Jim MacArthur Peter Gurtmer (excused) <br /> John Forde Pat Beck (school) <br /> Rich Keyworth Hilda Ingebrigtsen (Village Business) <br /> Rick Krieger <br /> Al Mergens <br /> Scott Peterson <br /> Mike Rogers <br /> Bob Stecki <br /> Randy Schlottman <br /> 1 guest, John Fordan. <br /> 2) John Forde distributed a preliminary tally of survey's. 57 survey's where <br /> returned, the result's where totalled. Survey's where divided into 2 category's, <br /> "Positive" & "Not Buy" responses. We then discussed as to what fit the <br /> definition of the ordinance, this being, "...appropriate expenditures for the <br /> maintenance, use and benefit of the Fire Department. " (Page 2, Sec 11, b). <br /> The item's from the survey that did not meet this definition have been deleted. <br /> Some item's are questionable, with more research to be done on these. There <br /> was considerable discussion on Retiree Insurance as this was an item that 46 <br /> survey's had a positive response on. However, this does not meet the <br /> definition as stated in the ordinance. Bob Stecki has done some preliminary <br /> research on this topic in contacting the Associated Firefighters of Illinois, <br /> with the AFFI saying the retiree insurance does not meet the definition and <br /> currently can not be done. Bob also indicated that the state will be monitoring <br /> Elk Grove Village carefully do to the amount of money we have. Bob will <br />