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C I&W,, <br /> Elk Grove Village Fire Dept. Foreign <br /> Fire Tax Board <br /> August 19, 1998 <br /> Meeting called to order @ 1900hrs. <br /> Present Absent <br /> Pat Beck Rick Krieger <br /> John Forde Al Mergens <br /> Peter Gutzmer Scott Peterson <br /> Hilda Ingebrigtsen Al Vrshek <br /> Rich Keyworth <br /> Jim MacArthur <br /> Mike Rogers <br /> Bob Stecki <br /> (Minutes being taken by Mike Rogers) <br /> Treasures report: An investment policy for the Board has been drawn up, this is attached. <br /> Everyone please check your spending assignment's for this year. If you do have a budget <br /> item, please update as to how the progress is going. <br /> Status of budget items: <br /> Ice machine is in(Mergens) <br /> Hazmat videos, some in, pending others (Keyworth) <br /> Truck belts, some are in, awaiting other sizes(Peterson) <br /> GPS, purchase req. to be done (Beck) <br /> Cooling Fan, PO in, being ordered (Keyworth) <br /> Pocket Dosimeters, PO in (Keyworth/Guglielmo) <br /> Workout clothing, Bids are out, awaiting logo (Peterson) <br /> HazMat Trailer, spec pending (Keyworth/Stecki) <br /> Infrared vision system, pending specs, bids & more research(Stecki) <br /> Cell Phones for Engines, done. Extra bag phones from D/C Riddle used. <br /> Personal Dive Equipment bags, in the work's(Rogers/Vrshek) <br /> Helicopter Landing Kits, still researching(Beck) <br /> Multi-Media, pending(Keyworth/Krieger) <br /> Battery Analyzer, pending more info (Riddle) <br /> Cell Fax Machine for Haz-Mat Squad, pending(Riddie/Keyworth) <br />