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J C/ , <br /> YOUTH COMMISSION MINUTES <br /> Elk Grove Village <br /> September 11, 1999 <br /> 8:00 a.m. <br /> Present: Tom Cooke <br /> Pat Feichter <br /> Brian Keyworth <br /> Barb Lathinen <br /> Brittany Marques <br /> Marian Noehre <br /> Chris Prochno <br /> Ashley Taylor <br /> Mike Urban <br /> Chris reminded everyone that the Community Paint-a-Thon would be held on Saturday, <br /> September 18, 1999 at 8:00 a.m. Waivers were distributed by the Community Service <br /> Department. <br /> Everyone discussed and agreed to participate in the WACO Shopping Spree at Walmart <br /> again this year. Chris will get the exact late on that event. <br /> Tom Cooke reported that he had spoken with the Park Board about sponsoring two <br /> $500.00 scholarships to be given by the Youth Commission to two high school seniors <br /> who have shown outstanding community service over the years. The Park Board would <br /> be interested in doing that if the Village Board would match funds, thus creating 4 - <br /> $500.00 scholarships. Chris said that she would bring the issue up with the Village <br /> Board and seek their support. She will report back to the Commission at the next <br /> meeting. Pat Feichter will supply Chris with evaluation forms that are used at his school <br /> for selecting scholarship winners. <br /> The Youth Commission has chosen to participate in the PADS 5K walk for their 'Make <br /> a Difference Day project. Applications will be sent out with the minutes of the meting. <br /> On Monday, September 20, 1999, Chris will be attending a Youth Symposium Meeting <br /> in Rolling Meadows. She will report back to the Commission what the meeting is all <br /> about. <br /> Ashley Taylor reported that she has been investigating the Suicide Prevention Material <br /> that she had brought to the Commission's attention. She has made contact with a senior <br /> at a nearby his school who is running a suicide prevention activity within his school. He <br /> will tell Ashley all about it and Ashley will report back to the Commission on how we <br /> could possibly implement the program in our schools. <br /> The Commission has agreed to do a float in next year's Village Night Parade. A theme <br /> will be discussed at a later date. <br />