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y <br /> • Minutes <br /> ALK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMWISSIOR <br /> Date: Wednesday, July 16, 1986 <br /> Location: Council Chamber <br /> 901 Wellington Avenue <br /> The meeting was called to order ,at 8:14 p.m. <br /> Members Present: Members Absent.- <br /> John <br /> bsent:John Glass, Chairman Orrin Stangeland <br /> Clark Fulton Leah Cummins <br /> Fred Geinosky <br /> George Mullen <br /> David Paliganoff <br /> Others: <br /> Gregory Schmitt, President, Webb/Schmitt Ventures, Inc. <br /> Arthur "Chip" Borkowski, Project Manager, Webb/Schmitt Ventures, Inc. <br /> Ira Leavitt, Attorney representing Webb/Schmitt Ventures, Inc. <br /> William von Jensen, representing Systems Control, Inc. <br /> Approximately ten people in the audience <br /> • Webb/Schmitt: Rezoning from I-2 to B-3 <br /> (7.82 acres located at Landmeier Road extended, <br /> Biggins Road to Elmhurst Road) <br /> The public hearing was called to order at 8:16 p.m. <br /> Ira Leavitt stated that Webb/Schmitt was requesting rezoning for <br /> proposed lots 1, 2, 5 and 8 from I-2 to B-3. Gregory Schmitt showed the <br /> revised plat of subdivision to the Plan Commission and discussed the <br /> layout of the lots and road configuration. Schmitt explained that <br /> the requested rezonings to B-3 are along major arterial routes and <br /> adjacent to other B-3 zoned properties. <br /> (8:28 p.m. : three minute recess. ) <br /> Webb/Schmitt: Rezoning from I-2 to I-2 Special Use <br /> (3.0 acre lot on Elmhurst Road and Landmeier Road extended) <br /> The second public hearing was opened at 8:31 p.m. by Chairman <br /> Glass. Be announced that the two public hearings would now be run <br /> concurrently. <br /> Schmitt stated that the entire parcel would be attractive to <br /> I-2 and B-3 oriented businesses due to its proximity to the major <br /> arterial roadways. Schmitt stated that the corner lots would have <br /> retail commercial usage, possibly including fast-food restaurants, <br /> if rezoned to B-3. Schmitt stated that Landmeier Road would be <br /> extended through the property as a four-Zane roadway from Biggins <br /> . Road to Elmhurst Road. Landmeier Road would and in a "r intersection" <br /> at Elmhurst Road. <br /> Schmitt said that the rezoning for Lot 4 from I-2 to I-2 Special <br /> Use would allow for a hotel/motel usage. Be stated that due to the <br />