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MINUTES <br /> Joint Meeting with Judiciary, Planning & Zoning and Plan Commission of <br /> Elk Grove Village <br /> July 29, 1975 <br /> The joint meeting was called to order at 8:10 P.M. in the Multi- <br /> Purpose Room of the Municipal Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT STAFF PRESENT- <br /> Plan Commission: Administrative Intern <br /> Richard McGrenera, Chairman <br /> William Shannon ATTORNEY PRESENT: <br /> Edward Hauser Edward C. Hofert, <br /> JUDICIARY, PLANNING & ZONING COMMITTEE Village Attorney <br /> Edward Kenna, Chairman OTHERS PRESENT: <br /> Ted Staddler George Spees, Trustee <br /> Nanci Vanderweel Michael Tosto, Trustee <br /> Jerry Thomas, Paddock <br /> Jerry Idaszak, The Trib <br /> Chairman Kenna (JPZ) opened the meeting with a statement clarifying <br /> the purpose of the meeting which was to reach a common understanding of <br /> where the Plan Commission stands on the Vale Tract. Chairman Mc Grenera <br /> (Plan Commission) responded to the opening remarks by saying that in <br /> order to proceed with a good functional development, the Village Board <br /> must make major but broad policy decisions on the :followinga dry retention <br /> ponds, public or private streets, zero lot lines, control and responsibility <br /> for care of open space and environmental incentives. <br /> Attorney Hofert was asked by Chairman McGrenera to review the past <br /> events pertinent to Vale Tract. Dealing with July 7, 1975 Plan Commission <br /> meeting mainly, Attorney Hofert pointed out the Planner,`s idea of environ- <br /> mental incentives was a novelty, and after a preliminary Illinois survey, <br /> Attorney Hofert found nothing similar. Attorney Hofert mentioned that <br /> the Planner is proposing alternative paths that the developer c6uld follow <br /> in developing the Vale Tract. The item "who takes care of what" on common <br /> open space was believed to be one of many major and upcoming problems. <br /> Chairman Kenna opened the floor to questions after Attorney Hofert's <br /> remarks. , Trustee Vanderweel asked if the 6 to 8 dwelling units per acre <br /> was for the whole development. In response, McGrenera answered that it would <br /> be for the R-5 District. When asked to pin down what the overall density <br /> would be for Vale Tract, McGrenera felt it was impossible at this point in <br /> time. <br /> Trustee Staddler asked what the minimum area would be for each sub- <br /> divided lot. McGrenera said that Centex wants 4000 square feet while the <br /> Commissioners want 4,500 square feet. <br /> . . . .continued <br />