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MINUTES <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> June 18, 1975 <br /> The regular meeting of the Plan Commission was called to <br /> order at 8:30 P.M. on Wednesday, June 18, 1975 in the Staff Conference <br /> Room of the Municipal Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: MEMBERS ABSENT: <br /> Richard McGrenera Stanley Klyber <br /> Edward Hauser Thomas Hamilton <br /> Alvin Krasnow <br /> Leah Cummins <br /> William Wesley <br /> STAFF PRESENT: <br /> Gary Parrin, Administrative Assistant <br /> Higgins Industrial Park Unit 171 <br /> Engineering plans have been approved by the Village Engineer <br /> for Unit 171 , which is in the flood plain. <br /> Krasnow moved to approve Unit 171 . Wesley seconded the <br /> motion. The following voted 'AYE' : Wesley, Krasnow, Hauser, McGrenera; <br /> 'NAY' : Cummins . The Chairman declared the motion approved. <br /> First Palm Resubdivision <br /> The resubdivision is of Higgins Industrial Park Unit 155, <br /> previously approved by the Plan Commission. <br /> Wesley moved to approve the resubdivision. Krasnow seconded <br /> the motion. The following voted 'AYE' : Wesley, Krasnow, McGrenera, <br /> Cummins ; 'NAY' : Hauser. The Chairman declared the motion approved. <br /> Starr Special-Use Permit for an Antenna: Docket 75-6 <br /> Wesley stated that he could deny the tower since the petitioner <br /> did not (1 ) show need for a 65' antenna, (2) that a 65' antenna is not <br /> necessarily more aesthetically pleasing, and (3) that it may set a poor <br /> precedent for the rest of the Village. <br /> Chairman McGrenera said that the Klyber motion to approve the <br /> petitioner's request at the June 4, 1975 meeting does not stand due to <br /> the lack of a quorum on that date. A new motion would be needed in <br /> order to act on the petition. <br /> No motion was made. The Plan Commission will consider the <br /> petition again at the June 25, 1975 special meeting if the transcripts <br /> are available; otherwise, it will be discussed at the July 2nd meeting. <br />