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1� . <br /> MINUTES <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> January 20, 1975 <br /> The Northwest Security Systems public hearing was called to <br /> order at 8: 15 p.m. on Monday, January 20, 1975 in the Council Chamber <br /> of the Municipal Building, 901 Wellington Avenue. <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: MEMBERS ABSENT: <br /> Richard McGrenera Thomas Hamilton <br /> Leah Cummins <br /> Joseph Cimino STAFF PRESENT: <br /> Alvin Krasnow <br /> Edward Hauser Thomas Rettenbacher <br /> Marc Grice Building Commissioner <br /> William Wesley (9:00 p.m.) Gary Parrin <br /> Administrative Intern <br /> Docket 75-1 <br /> The petitioner is requesting a special use permit to construct <br /> a 100' (20' of building, 60' of tower, 20' of antenna) receiving antenna. <br /> A FAA permit was presented to the Commission. <br /> During the course of the hearing the petitioner was advised of <br /> the following: <br /> 1 . According to the covenant of the land, the owner of the petitioner's <br /> property must approve the antenna. <br /> 2. The FCC must approve the antenna. <br /> 3. The title of property must be presented to the Commission. <br /> 4. The antenna, if approved, must be removed if ownership is transferred. <br /> The Building Commissioner informed the petitioner of additional <br /> items: <br /> 1 . Underwriters Laboratory approval is a requirement for the antenna. <br /> 2. The Zoning Ordinance has a 60' height limitation in 1-1 zoning <br /> and a 35' height limitation if the antenna would be within <br /> 200' of a residential area. <br /> 3• The petitioner must apply for a change of occupancy permit since <br /> the use of the petitioner's building will be altered. <br /> The petitioner stated that the information requested by the <br /> Commission will be forthcoming. <br /> The hearing adjourned at 8:42 p.m. <br /> Flood Control Committee <br /> Chairman McGrenera will be in contact with Commissioner <br /> Hamilton about the status of the Flood Control Plan. McGrenera will <br /> report back to the Commission on February 3, 1975• <br />