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ion MINUTES <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> 'January 6, 1975 <br /> MEMBERS PRESENT: Marc Grice <br /> Edward Hauser <br /> Leah Cummins <br /> William Wesley (8:20) <br /> Joseph Cimino (10:05) <br /> MEMBERS ABSENT: Thomas Hamilton <br /> Alvin Krasnow <br /> Richard McGrenera <br /> TRUSTEE PRESENT: Theodore Staddler (8:30) <br /> STAFF PRESENT: Thomas Rettenbacher, Building Commissioner <br /> Gary Parrin, Administrative Intern <br /> Bernard Ruess, Administrative Intern <br /> Due to the lack of a quorum no official business was conducted by <br /> the Plan Commission at its regularly scheduled meeting until 10:05 P.M. <br /> At that time, Commissioner Cimino arrived to consummate the quorum. <br /> SBL- Gary Parrin gave Acting Chairman Grice the site plan submitted by <br /> (Bonavolonta M (Bonavolonta) containing revisions to the December 2, 1974 (Plat 5) <br /> site plan. The revisions were to incorporate suggestions brought forth <br /> at the Public Hearing before the Village Board on December 30, 1974. <br /> Commissioner Hauser questioned whether he could withdraw his motion <br /> to approve SBL's site plan because the contingencies on the motion were <br /> not fulfilled. <br /> VALE TRACT: In addition, the Administrative Intern asked Acting Chairman Grice <br /> when the Commission would discuss the Vale Tract and if the Vale Tract <br /> could possibly be discussed as an Agenda item on January 20, 1975. Acting <br /> Chairman Grice replied that he will raise the question at the January 20 <br /> meeting of the Plan Commission. Due to the Public Hearing scheduled for <br /> January 20 and the other current agenda items, he does not foresee the <br /> possibility of discussing the Vale Tract on January 20. <br /> MARK STREET: The Plat of Vacation and Dedication were signed by Acting Chairman <br /> Grice and Leah Cummins. <br /> MARKAY RESUBDIVISION: The Plat of Resubdivision was signed by Acting Chairman <br /> Grice and Leah Cummins. <br /> EXTENSION OF RAIL SERVICE:Acting Chairman Grice` set a public hearing date of <br /> February 75 for the petition of Sharon Glazer, representing the <br /> owner of a 9—acre parcel of property bounded by Touhy Avenue, State <br /> Route 83 and Estes Avenue. <br /> The petitioner will request a special use permit to extend rail <br /> service along the south side of Touhy Avenue. The tracks would be set <br /> back 25 feet from the street. <br /> . . . .continued <br />