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Minutes <br /> ELIC GROVE VILLAGE PLAN COMMISSION <br /> Date: October 15, 1986 <br /> Location: Council Chamber <br /> 901 Wellington Avenue <br /> Members Present: Members Absent: <br /> John Glass, Chairman None <br /> Leah Cummins, Secretary <br /> Clark Fulton <br /> Fred Geinosky <br /> George Mullen <br /> David Paliganoff <br /> Staff Present: <br /> Alan Boffice, Village Engineer <br /> Earle Kracht, Plan Review/Building Inspector Supervisor <br /> Robin Weaver, Administrative Assistant <br /> John Coakley, Administrative Intern <br /> Others Present: <br /> Bruce White, Vice President of Crow-Chasewood <br /> David Grossberg, Attorney representing Crow-Chasewood <br /> Randolph Given, Attorney representing hlanav Seva Mandir, Inc. <br /> Arvind Modi, Secretary of Manav Seva Mandir, Inc. <br /> Suresh Mehta, President of Manav Seva Mandir, Inc. <br /> Denise Sprig, Planner and Landscape Architect with the Daly Group <br /> Vipin Patel, Civil Engineer, Patel and Associates <br /> Glen Aube1, Realtor and Real Estate Appraiser <br /> Approximately 120 people in the audience <br /> The meeting was called to order at 8:08 p.m. <br /> I <br /> I <br /> Hamilton Lakes Village - Phase I, Final Plat <br /> Following brief review of the plat, George Mullen made a motion <br /> to recommend approval subject to staff review. Leah Cummins seconded <br /> the motion. The vote for approval was unanimous. <br /> I <br /> I <br /> Revisions to the June 26, 1986 Minutes <br /> Leah Cummins requested that the minutes of June 26, 1986 be <br /> revised to include her concerns regarding traffic congestion and the <br /> adequacy of the Village water supply. <br /> Fred Geinosky motioned to approve the minutes as revised and <br /> Clark Fulton seconded it. The vote for approval was unanimous. <br /> Mark Street - 3rd Resubdivision Plat <br /> Following brief discussion and review of the plat, George Mullen <br /> motioned to recommend approval subject to review. David Paliganoff <br /> seconded the motion. <br />