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PLAN COMMISSION MEETING October 20 , 1966 <br /> The members present were: <br /> Steve Schwellenbach, Chairman <br /> Dick McGrenera <br /> Jack Denny <br /> Bill Ballard <br /> Gayle Bantner <br /> Leah Cummins <br /> Jack Denny moved for the approval of the preliminary and final of <br /> Higgins Road Commercial Subdivision, Unit #12. It was seconded <br /> by Dick McGrenera; the vote was unanimous . <br /> During the discussion of the preliminary on Section #15 , it was <br /> brought to attention that the plat included the proposed gas <br /> station site. The Commission felt that said site should be re- <br /> moved from the plat since it was in a residential environment <br /> and especially since it was across from the hospital. <br /> Concern was expressed over the cul-de-sac on Yarmouth Road. <br /> The Commission was not in favor of Tec-Search' s recommended <br /> changes in the streets . <br /> Jack Denny moved for the adoption contingent upon approval by the <br /> village attorney based on the subdivision control ordinance regulat- <br /> ing cul-de-sacs and their dimensions (p. 50 , Sec. (e.) . Leah <br /> Cummins seconded it ; vote was unanimous . <br /> Respectfully subm'itte , <br /> r GSC. <br /> W. R. Ballard , Secretary <br />