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PLAN COMMISSION MEETING June 1 , 1966 <br /> The members present were: <br /> Steve Schwellenbach, Chairman <br /> Dick McGrenera <br /> Jack Denny <br /> Bill Ballard <br /> also George Majoris <br /> The Plan Commission's letter of May 28 to the president and <br /> board of trustees regarding the Texaco petition is hereby made <br /> a part of the minutes . <br /> The Cook County Zoning Board of Appeals is to hold a hearing <br /> on property owned by the Elk Grove Village Veterans ' Club, Inc. <br /> The Plan Commission members are to be present to request two <br /> weeks for reply. <br /> Leah Cummins moved for the approval of the preliminary and final <br /> plats of Higgins Road Unit 11 . It was seconded by Jack Denny <br /> and the vote was unanimous . <br /> The Commission discussed Attorney Hofert 's statement that he <br /> would need approximately $3 ,000.00 to bring the proposed zoning <br /> ordinance into legal shape. The Commission is opposed to this <br /> since the planners should make certain everything is in legal <br /> form when it is submitted. <br /> George Majoris is to notify Mr. Justice of Tec-Search that we <br /> expect another draft of the proposed ordinance plus they must <br /> define it in view of the Hofert memorandum. <br /> On Reimer Bros . Inc. letter from Attorney Howard , Howard and <br /> France , Dick McGrenera moved that George Majoris be authorized <br /> to return the letter to the attorneys stating we cannot look <br /> favorably upon the request at this time. Leah Cummins seconded <br /> it and the vote was unanimous . Photocopies of the attorneys ' <br /> letters of May 10 and April 25 have been made a part of the <br /> minutes . <br /> The Chairman reminded the Commiss2on that the hearing which had <br /> previously been tentatively set for June 9 would be held on <br /> June 10 . <br /> Evans Stebbens of Centex had informed Chairman Schwellenbach that <br /> Mr. Proctor and Centex planners from Texas expected to be in the <br /> I <br />