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TO: Board of Trustees <br /> FROM: Mr. Jack D. Pahl <br /> DATE: April 189 1966 <br /> SUBJECT: BOU\iDARY AGRELP.•ZENT idI^1H ITASCA <br /> Last night, I met one hour with Wilbert Nottke, President of Itasca, <br /> relative to Devon Avenue being the common_ boundary between Elk Grove <br /> Tillage and Itasca from Salt Creek east to Medinah Road. We further <br /> agreed that it would be wise to check whether common zoning laws, <br /> and they are zoned from Salt Creek west to proposed I-90 as resi- <br /> dential and from I-90 west to !?edirah, w 11 be zoned manufacturing. <br /> I indicated that we probably proposed residential to I-90 and had <br /> formed no definite plans from I-90 west to 53 and that probably 53 <br /> out to Plum Grove would be residential. <br /> In_ an effort to prevent developers from playing one community <br /> against another, we agreed that a written agreement should include <br /> provisions for our mutual consultation on all zoning matters .between <br /> the two communities. <br /> At the present time, the master plan "for Itasca calls for their <br /> going from 4,400 to 12,000 people and to be knov.n as the smallest- <br /> community <br /> mallestcommunity in the country that sports six golf courses. They plan <br /> some type of promotion to this end. <br /> President Nottke is going to forward a copy of their comprehensive <br /> plan and I t•7111 do the same to himo . He further agreed to reduce <br /> the above to written form and submit to us for our approval. <br /> He further indicated that they presently have boundary agreements <br /> with Roselle and _"-__ddison, but have had no cooperation whatsoever <br /> in an attempt to reach a boundary agreement with [good Dale. <br /> i advised the Plan Commission of the above after their meeting <br /> held after the public hearing of April 13. <br /> cc : George L. Majoros <br /> Edward C. Hof ert <br /> r <br />