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MINUTES OF PLAN COMMISSION <br /> March 21, 1966 - 4 P.M. <br /> Present: R. McGrenera, Mrs. Cummins, Jack Denney, S. Schwellenbach, J. Pahl <br /> and G. Majoros. <br /> The meeting opened with a review of the printed reports which had been <br /> submitted by Tec-Search in an effort to permit final drafts to be printed. <br /> George Justus of Tec-Search was present to explain the reasons for certain <br /> of its proposals, particularly those areas pertaining to transportation, resi- <br /> dential and industrial areas. Mr. Justus will amend these reports to reflect <br /> the comments received. <br /> Prior to leaving, Justus advised that final changes and comments must be <br /> received by March 31 and that Tec-Search would make no revisions after that <br /> date. Justus was advised that the Plan Commission would endeavor to finalize <br /> its comments by that date. <br /> Some members of the Plan Commission also expressed a desire to secure an <br /> opinion from Hofert regarding the legality of "policy planning" . Would such <br /> policies require a hearing? <br /> HIGGINS RD. RE SUB DIVISION <br /> Mrs. Cummins moved for approval, second by Denney. All present voted "aye". <br /> IRDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT #35 <br /> Motion for approval by Cummins, second by McGrenera. All present voted <br /> affirmatively. <br /> INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT #36 (Cinch Mfg. <br /> Cummins moved for acceptance, second by McGrenera. All present voted "aye" . <br /> HIGGINS RD. INDUSTRIAL UNIT 9 <br /> Motion for acceptance by Cummins, second by McGrenera. All present voted"aye" . <br /> INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT #37 <br /> Mrs. Cummins moved that plat be approved, provided that developer present <br /> satisfactory evidence that drainage R.O.W. will be improved and maintained <br /> by owner. Second by Denney. All present voted aye <br /> INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT #106 <br /> Motion and vote was identical with above. <br /> Respectfully submitted <br /> S. Schwellenbach <br />