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PLAN COMMISSION MEETING March 14 , 1966 <br /> The members present were: <br /> Steve Schwellenbach, Chairman <br /> John T. Denny <br /> Leslie Knudson <br /> Dick Mc Grenera <br /> Bill Ballard <br /> Gayle Bantner <br /> Jack Pahl <br /> also Frank Ellis of Tec-Search and George Majoris <br /> Discussion was held concerning the recommendation to the Village <br /> Board on the multi family-apartment zoning density. It was the <br /> >>.nanimous agreement of the Commission that the recommendation <br /> should be presented to the Board as originally proposed. <br /> Frank Ellis informed us that Tec-Search will provich another <br /> revised draft of the proposed zoning ordinance within two <br /> weeks . <br /> A discussion on the flood plains followed with the resulting <br /> recommendation that they be tied into the ordinance by appropriate <br /> .policy statements . <br /> ;Respectfully submitt. , <br /> W. R. Ballard , Secretary <br />