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TO: President and Board of Trustees <br /> FROM: Stephen C. Schwellenbach <br /> Chairman, Plan Commission <br /> DATE: lurch 19 1966 <br /> DockET REPORT <br /> A. Fliggins Road No. -8: <br /> Plan Come ission recommends acceptance of plat of"subdivision. <br /> B. Luehring annexation petition: <br /> As you will recall, the original letter from Mr. Luehring contained <br /> no details relating to the proposed use of the subject property in <br /> the event of annexation into the Village. Mr. Luehring has subse- <br /> quently advised me that he preferred that the property be zoned <br /> commercial. He further stated to me that this property is presently <br /> zoned residential in the County. <br /> It is the recommendation of the Plan Commission that. the Village <br /> Board advise 1-r. Luehring that the Village would consider his <br /> formal petition for annexation into the Village in our present <br /> R-1 zoning classification. It is the position of the Plan Com- <br /> mission that the Village is in no position at this time to make <br /> any representation that a commercial classification would be <br /> desirable at this location. <br /> The Plan Commission further recommends that Mr. Luehring be advised <br /> that certain problems might arise in the event this property was <br /> annexed to the Village. These problems deal with the availability <br /> and/or cost of Chicago water, in the event the Village at some time <br /> in the future is able to obtain Chicago water. In addition, an <br /> immediate problem may arise due to the stated position of the Sani- <br /> tary District. As you know, the only other existing DuPage County <br /> property presently incorporated in the Village and being developed <br /> (Devon - O'Hare Industrial Park) was required to install their own <br /> sewage treatment plant. <br /> C. Opinion of Village Attorney Hofert concerning Tec-Search contract: <br /> At the request of the Village Board, the full Commission reviewed <br /> and discussed the conte is of , r. Hofert's letter and the Plan <br /> Coaminssion agrees �he recommendation contained in 1,1r. Hofert's <br /> letter of February 8 to the effect that private means be first <br /> exhausted, particularly in view of the fact that Tec-Search appears <br /> at this time to be capable of fully adhering to their revised <br /> completion schedule. <br /> D. Plan Commission recommendations regarding A-2 zoning classification: <br /> i:s I reported at last week's Village Board meeting, it was the unani- <br /> mous opinion of the Plan Commission that insufficient evidence had <br />