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Elk Grove Village <br /> RECEWED <br /> Plan Commission Minutes DEC 19 2011 <br /> November 9, 2011 <br /> Present: P. Ayers <br /> VILLAGE CLERK'S OFFICE <br /> J <br /> E. Hauser <br /> F. Geinosky <br /> C. Henrici <br /> J. Meyers <br /> J. Glass <br /> T. Thompson <br /> G. Schumm <br /> Absent: None <br /> Staff: M. Roan, Deputy Village Manager <br /> G. Knickerbocker, Village Attorney <br /> J. Carey, Assistant to the Village Manager <br /> S. Trudan, Deputy Director of Engineering & Community Development <br /> K. Jay, Staff Engineer <br /> Petitioner: S. Palumbo, Orange Crush <br /> B. Dwyer, Pal Group Inc. <br /> T. Winter, Pal Group Inc. <br /> A. Maiden, Rolf. C. Campbell & Associates Inc. <br /> R. Pagnozzi, Orange Crush <br /> L. Green, Cambridge Environmental <br /> B. Homans, Shiner& Associates, Inc. <br /> M. De la Verge, Sam Schwartz Engineering <br /> T. Enno, of Alpha Environmental <br /> D. Shindoll, Mackie Consultants <br /> Chairman Glass called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. <br /> Item 1: October 26, 2011 Meeting Minutes <br /> Commissioner Ayers moved to approve the minutes. Commissioner Schumm seconded the motion. <br /> Upon voting (Hauser, Meyers, Glass, Ayers, Thompson, Schumm, AYES, Geinosky, Henrici, <br /> ABSTAIN) the motion carried. <br /> Item 2: Pal Group, Inc. —Text Amendment & Special Use Petition for the West side of <br /> Elmhurst Road (Between Pratt Blvd & Lunt Ave) <br /> Chairman Glass read the legal notice into the record. Chairman Glass noted for the record that the <br /> Public Hearing notices were mailed to neighboring properties and published in the Daily Herald. <br /> Chairman Glass noted that the property was also properly signed. <br /> Secretary Geinosky swore in the petitioners. <br />